Athlete Drug Testing

Dedicated to the integrity of sports

For over 30 years, Comprehensive Drug Testing has been dedicated to the pursuit of fair, safe, and clean sport.  A pioneer in all aspects of the athlete anti-doping movement, CDT offers unparalleled professionalism, service, and compliance.  Our network of highly trained doping control officers (DCOs) along with our dedicated program management staff combine to provide the industry benchmark for quality, integrity, and efficiency.

Sports Drug Testing | Comprehensive Drug Testing

Quality assurance in sports drug testing

At CDT, quality of service is our highest priority.  Our specimen collectors go through an extensive vetting and training process, ensuring the highest integrity and best procedural performance in the industry. Our sports drug testing quality control program is a leader in the anti-doping arena, separating us from the competition.

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Specimen collection and drug test analysis process

CDT partners with the most respected and trusted laboratories and anti-doping research organizations in North America and around the world to ensure we are on the cutting edge of Anti-Doping Science and Technology. We have long-standing partnerships with premier freight carriers to ensure timely and trackable specimen delivery from collection to the laboratory.

Athlete drug testing | Comprehensive Drug Testing

Drug use is a serious concern, not only for the concepts of integrity and fair play in competitive sports, but because of the health threats to athletes

– Russell Meldrum, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine (2002)

CDT is proud to enable anti-doping innovation through directly supporting researchers world-wide as a PCC Member.